Tarot & Narrative

Stories help us make our way through life. We reflect on every aspect of experience through the structure that narrative supplies. Tarot and horoscopes supply narratives that can help us think about what might lie ahead, what appears to be on the horizon. These narratives make sense when we find connections that address how we’re feeling. You might be struggling with a difficult situation. Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that good times are just around the corner. And sometimes it’s helpful to be reminded that difficulty is a part of life, that we all experience problems, losses, hardship, and struggle from time to time. It’s part of being human.

These tarotscopes are designed to help you think ahead. They are not predictive. They are fictional. And like any fiction, they offer alternative perspectives to the point of view you might be taking on your situation. So they serve as a reminder to think a little differently from time to time. To get out of the rut of that hamster wheel in your brain and imagine different possibilities. They are nothing more than the ordinary stuff of ordered imagination.

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