Week of 17 January 2022

There are constraints, it’s true. But you can get it together and do this Sagittarius.

You discovered not too long ago that you have a wealth of untested potential, Sagittarius. And now you’re ready to put yourself to the test. But you’re more used to helping others achieve their aims, and it’s looking like there are obstacles in your way in the form of cold hard reality.

It’s okay. You have the wit and wisdom to get through this. Beneath your ideas, your energy and resolve are supported by the calmness of your emotional life. You’re capable of facing the frustrations of getting this thing up and running because your thoughts, emotions, and actions are working in sync.

Right now, your intellectual resolve makes you feel a little cold-hearted. You’re worried about disappointing someone by focusing too much on the facts and less on the emotional aspects of this issue at hand. But don’t worry. There’ll be time enough to celebrate your achievements and reap the emotional rewards of your efforts when you’re ready to launch this new thing, whatever that may be.

Like all fictional narratives, the stories that emerge through tarot are not predictive. Instead, these stories offer new ways of seeing situations, alternative perspectives, and opportunities to remind oneself of the ups and downs we all must face in life.


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