Week of 17 January 2022

Usually confident and well settled in your personal authority, a choice has got you doubting yourself and wondering if you can achieve your goals. You can, and will Scorpio.

You face a choice, Scorpio. Or you think you do. You’re entertaining some new venture in love or work (work, most likely). It will necessitate diligence and steady effort, but your efforts will pay off.

In the recent past, you felt like you were stuck between a rock and a hard place. You were paralised by fear and unable to choose between two rather unpalatable options. Now those options present themselves in better terms. Perhaps the parties involved have decided to make themselves more attractive to you. Or maybe it’s a completely new offer It’s still a tough call. Resentment and envy lurk beneath your impending decision. Be careful and avoid falling back on emotions that may not be relevant to the situation at hand. Don’t worry, though. Others see you as an artful negotiator. They can’t see the bitterness that lies beneath the veneer of your calm authority.

I have confidence in you, Scorpio. Following through on your decision, when you make it, will involve effort and hard work. But you have what it takes. You’ve reached a point where you might well rest on your laurels. Sure, you’re worried about the turmoil this new venture may usher into your life. But, as long as you invest in activities that align with your highest values, the road ahead will delight you as you once again prove how capable you really are.

Like all fictional narratives, the stories that emerge through tarot are not predictive. Instead, these stories offer new ways of seeing situations, alternative perspectives, and opportunities to remind oneself of the ups and downs we all must face in life.


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