Week of 31 January 2022

I hope you got through last week without biting off more than you could chew, Capricorn. You are so capable, there’s every chance others tried to load you up with their responsibilities. You may have turned them down or you may have taken the load. Either way, there’s a feeling of regret or dissatisfaction. Hopefully it’s not you feeling this way. If you refused to pander to someone else’s whims, it’s likely the other person who’s grumbling. If you took it on the chin and let them load you up with work or took on that emotional burden for them, it’ll be you who’s gritting your teeth this week and wondering how to get through it.

You probably feel a strong connection to this person. It maybe an intimate, loving relationship, a mentor or friend who’s helped you in the past, or a junior staff member or friend you’ve been guiding. On the surface, everything looks good. This person is smiling and polite in their public exchanges with you. Or perhaps it’s you who’s presenting the courteous front. But, deep down, it’s wearing away at you. Perhaps you’ve been doing the emotional labour in this relationship for a long time now, while they skive off, passing their responsibilities to you. It’s got you feeling jumbled up inside, not knowing what to do or which way to turn. Strange dreams may be alerting you to the nature of the problem.

Be wary of anyone trying gaslight you by suggesting that you are the cold-hearted one, Capricorn, just because you put your foot down. You sometimes worry that your firm leadership and steady resolve can come off as controlling. But I don’t see that here. It’s too easy for another to blame you for strength of character when they themselves lack the conscientiousness and resolve to follow through.

Let your mind be easy, whatever is troubling you in this respect. Success and acknowledgement are due to you this week. And it will be your balanced, steady approach that people celebrate.

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Like all fictional narratives, the stories that emerge through tarot are not predictive. Instead, these stories offer new ways of seeing situations, alternative perspectives, and opportunities to remind oneself of the ups and downs we all must face in life.


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