Week of 31 January 2022

Gemini, you have some thinking to do because this week has its challenges. You have a vision, and that vision is being agitated by a feeling that you deserve more. Things haven’t turned out as you expected, and it’s got you worried. The problem is that you began to treat your hopes as given. Perhaps a wish came true, and this was reassuring. But it represents only a stage in the journey. You still have a long way to go and now you’re worried about that. 

Now you face a dilemma. It could be that you have two paths to choose from. You can’t go down both roads. You must make a decision. It might also be that you’re resisting something because you don’t want to face up. The opportunities you believed to be yours by rights have not landed in your lap, and that’s frustrating for you. And so you’re kind of at a war with yourself, aware that you must go out there and deal with the material reality of life because these opportunities haven’t come through, but at the same time resisting going on because you think it’s unfair that you have to keep trudging on like this. 

I know it’s tough. You need to land that job, get that recognition, build your customer base, or whatever it is you need to keep it together. But if you focus too much on your need to deal with material realities—to make a living for yourself or otherwise secure your future—you’re going end the week feeling dissatisfied and out in the cold. You’ll wind up acutely aware of your lack, which perhaps isn’t the most productive way to enter into the fray in a competitive world. Whether it’s employment you’re after, new clients, or recognition at work or for your work (if you’re an artist or writer), you may actually be harming your prospects by dwelling too much on the challenge itself. There is another path to take this week Gemini.

The better approach involves a shift in attitude. Right now, you’re thinking that you need to be a little bit cagey and fly under the radar. You’ve been stuck in the past, and a little bit unsure of people. Perhaps you’ve made sacrifices and are wondering whether those sacrifices were worthwhile.

What you need to do is focus on your success, who you are and what you’ve achieved so far. If you see yourself as already in possession of everything you need to go out there into that competitive world and succeed, you will succeed, dear Gemini. Not necessarily in a big way. It doesn’t happen overnight. This is steady conscientious energy. It’s not a flash in the pan or overnight success kind of week. It’s more about getting your head down and enjoying the process.

The challenge for you is to avoid thinking that you need to have it all—the accolades, the high-paying job, the fanfare and recognition. You think you need to have it all in order to be successful, but you don’t. 

This week, you’re going to realize that having the right attitude and the mindset to put yourself to work and learn new things is the best way forward. You’ve already achieved so much. And by having an open mind and a willingness to learn, you stand a better chance of reaching your aims in the long term. Yes you do have to go out there and face the world. But the way to face it is with a deep understanding of your merits, capacities, and worth. And an awareness that you can do what you set your mind to do if you balance your energy and your resources. 

So shift your mindset. Gemini don’t focus on what you lack. Focus on what you have in terms of resources, skills and ability. Thinking carefully, not from a poverty mindset, but from a mindset that focuses on what you need to achieve your goals and how to manage your existing resources, will see you end the week in a happier state of mind, ready to face whatever challenges the world throws you. 

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Like all fictional narratives, the stories that emerge through tarot are not predictive. Instead, these stories offer new ways of seeing situations, alternative perspectives, and opportunities to remind oneself of the ups and downs we all must face in life.


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