Week commencing 17 January 2022

Feeling a little fragile at first, you find the self-love and self-belief that will enable you to keep control of the impulses that threaten to upend the things you are striving to achieve.

A choice must be made when resources become available to aid you in your ventures. These resources must be carefully managed. But though you may begin with feelings of doubt, doubt gives way to a stronger sense of self-worth. And so, Aries, after an intense, internal struggle, with so much careful planning ahead of you, you will benefit from a time of rest and reflection. Leaving worries behind, having nurtured yourself through this act of self-care, you will emerge ready to nurture your goals, Aries, and make the best use of the resources at your disposal.

Like all fictional narratives, the stories that emerge through tarot are not predictive. Rather, these stories offer new ways of seeing situations, alternative perspectives, and opportunities to remind oneself of the ups and downs we all must face in life.


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